NLP And Communication: How to build Professional Selling Skills?

Published: 04th August 2011
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NLP and Communication are synonymous to each other, and NLP without communication is not NLP. Though these two words have different meanings, keep in mind that NLP was developed based on Linguistics and Communication, and so the principles apply in areas where people communicate.

If you are one of the many who have but a vague idea of how NLP works, and would only associate it with commercials and advertising campaigns, you are in for a surprise. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is used on every aspect of a society.
Not only is NLP used for advertisements, but is also used to effectively communicate, especially in business, to ensure a positive outcome. NLP and Communication play vital roles in successful selling and Network Marketing.

If you are relatively new in the sales industry, you definitely need to improve your professional selling skills. And what better way to get a head start, than to be an NLP and Communication expert? Here’s how:

The oldest trick of the trade: Build strong and lasting relationships.

If you are accustomed to building personal relationships; now is the time to learn how to apply this in business. Particularly in Network Marketing and Sales, NLP techniques are proven the most effective of all methods.

First, you need to understand how NLP and Communication work, and complement each other. For any business, communication is key. In your particular line of work, communicating with clients, is unavoidable, in fact it is your basic job description.

Professional selling skills are based on how well you communicate with your prospects, and how good you are in selling your merchandise. Using NLP techniques guarantees your success in selling and building relationships.

We all know that big enterprises are founded on strong business relationships. Without this bond between providers and their clients, partners and associates, any business will surely fall apart. The most successful entrepreneurs and executives understand how important communication is, and I can wager that almost all of them know how to use NLP tactics.
How to build business relationships through NLP and Communication?

NLP and communication strategies can put your transactions in the bag for you. If you don’t succeed in closing the deal right away, which is unlikely if you know how to execute

NLP techniques, you will definitely walk away with a future customer and may have gained a business ally.

Rapport building is the most important networking technique.. Establishing connection and creating ties are the main ingredient for successful selling. So how do you do this? I would suggest, do it the NLP way.
The NLP and Communication Secrets:

1.Likeability – A magnet is not a magnet if it can’t attract anything. You must have something within you that can pull people in. Looks alone will not do, it’s in the language and the gestures that your magnetic forces are concentrated.

2.Fluidity – Like water, you need to be flowing, adapting to wherever you are, whoever you are with. Be able to shift your shape by connecting with your prospect and finding how you two can get along.

3.Unpredictability – What makes a good sale is predictable competence and professional selling skills, what makes a GREAT sale is swift, unpredictable, pleasantly surprising moves. NLP and Communication feed on people’s emotions and perception, so make them work to your advantage.

4.Spontaneity – What would you rather do if something doesn’t go as planned? Go back to level one, walk away defeated or be spontaneous and quick to adapt to the changes, treating them as opportunities instead of obstacles? Be ready for anything.

5.Eloquence – Never underestimate the power of well delivered speech, even if it’s just a simple statement of your product’s benefits. Good choice of words, great timing and an optimistic tone work like magic in selling and network marketing.

NLP and communication tactics are pretty easy to learn and practice. Start with these brief NLP tips, and gather everything you can about NLP techniques, designed to make entrepreneurs succeed.

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